Volunteer Story: Rachel in Kavala, Greece

I decided to volunteer abroad with only a few days to organise everything and Indigo was so amazing in helping me to find an organisation and getting everything sorted in time. I’d researched Northern Lights Aid (NLA) and felt really passionate about joining them specifically and Indigo were completely supportive, putting me in touch with NLA in just a day. Once I was in touch with NLA, Indigo remained a point of contact and support until I was settled in with NLA in Greece. 

Having been out here for over two months now, I couldn’t be more thankful for the essential work the Indigo do. NLA is small NGO and largely unknown outside the area they work within and so the majority of their volunteers I’ve met since being here have come through Indigo. Without Indigo’s work I don’t know how small NGO’s such as NLA would acquire the volunteers to function. 

With regards to my time volunteering at NLA, I cannot begin to express how wonderful it has been. Alex, the manager of the organisation has built an incredible community that provides such necessary support for the residents of Perigiali camp. She treats every volunteer as an individual with something special to offer and she and Rachel (volunteer coordinator) harness the specific skills and experience of the volunteers as they come and go to build Northern Lights to what it is today. Alex and Rachel also take incredible care of all of the volunteers and ensure we are always happy and keeping a work-life balance.

I would absolutely recommend to volunteer with NLA or any of the wonderful organisations that Indigo work with. It will be the most amazing experience of your life and you’ll be supported all the way through.