Holly Penalver
CEO & Founder
I work closely with the board of trustees focussing on strategy, budget, team coordination and so on. But as we are a small organisation, I take on many roles!
Natasa Economou
Chief Operations Officer
I deal with the day to day operations of the charity. I ensure activities are running smoothly and efficiently and am always working on ways to improve how we work.
Camilla Thurlow
Board of Trustees
As a member on the Board of Trustees I am using my previous humanitarian experience to offer insight and advice on charity direction as well as helping to raise awareness.
Natasha Doughty
Board of Trustees
As secretary, I am in charge of our board meetings being effectively organised and minuted. I also help ensure that Indigo stays on track and fulfills its goals.
Kelly Chu
Board of Trustees, Chairlady & Fundraising Coordinator
As well as being a member on the Board of Trustees, I am also Fundraising Coordinator which means I help raise money to help us keep ticking.
Carys Arthey
Board of Trustees
As a member of the Board of Trustees, I guide the charity on it's direction & strategy, supporting to ensure it developes in-line with it's values and mission.
Jonny Page
Project Manger
I help Indigo with any projects that need doing. So far I have written grants, helped fundraise and built the site you are looking at!
Bee Marhoon
Development Team Lead
I am the Lead Volunteer Coordinator for the Community Development Team. I match volunteers, work closely with projects and help problem solve.
Aoife Smyth
Volunteer Coordinator
I am a volunteer coordinator for the Development Team and my role is to manage all elements of volunteering on behalf of the organisation for which I am recruiting volunteers.
Amelie Doyle
Volunteer Coordinator
I am a volunteer coordinator for the development team at Indigo. I help volunteers find their dream projects by matching and connecting them with local initiatives and volunteer programmes around the world.
Jose Rains
Head of Social Media
I am responsible for ensuring we have regular and interesting content on all our social media channels.
Ellsie Hewer
Programme Manager
I manage the refugee and migrant team which helps to connect volunteers to projects across the Balkans. Since moving back to the UK, I have also taken on a Project Management role 🙂
Sophie Rihm
Volunteer Coordinator
Volunteer Coordinator - Refugee & Migrant Team. I am working in Greece and am in charge of anything to do with the volunteers until they are placed with a project!
Molly Dignan
Project Coordinator
Project Coordinator - Refugee & Migrant Team. I get to spend my time building relationships with incredible projects and matchinng them with the right volunteers.
Eric Boscia
Creative Director
I make sure everything that Indigo creates looks amazing, from the branding to the social media.
Jordan Hallpike
Newsletter Editor and Hype Man
I'm mainly a sounding board for ideas, but I also offer advice and consultation in marketing and deliver the monthly newsletter.
Gem McCarthy
Community Engagement Officer
I get to spend my time engaging with you lovely lot online, sharing exciting content and answering your burning questions. If you’re chatting to Indigo on Twitter, you’re probably speaking to me!