The Schoolbox Project

The Schoolbox Project provides mobile, solar-powered child-friendly spaces that operate from whatever infrastructure is available.

Where is it?

Andravida, Western Greece

Nearest Airport

Kalamata, Greece

About the project

The Schoolbox Project provides mobile, solar-powered child-friendly spaces that operate from whatever infrastructure is available. They convert shipping containers, school buses, abandoned buildings, tents, bamboo structures- or even sidewalks into classrooms. Each of these “Schoolboxes” are simple and nimble and designed to be operational within days of deployment or relocation.

What will I be doing?

  • Family visits – The program consists mainly of structured family visits with the children in focus. During these visits the children get the opportunity to express themselves, their talents, strengths and feelings. In this time parents are encouraged to play with their children in a trauma informed way.
  • Adult English Classes – Provide English classes for the parents and a crèche for the mums. This supports the parents to feel more independent and to encourage a sense of community.
  • Trauma Informed Yoga – A weekly yoga class for children, which is a calm and safe space where they can connect with their bodies and minds.
  • Games outside – Outside of scheduled activities there are structured games for the children, such as memory, Uno, and ball games. By doing this, you will act as a role model for how to play together in an inclusive way and help alleviate the boredom that can lead to frustration in camp.

What impact would I have?

The Schoolbox Project in LM Village offers informal education, art, play and movement, all with a trauma-informed approach. This means that the programs are designed with consideration for the short and long term effects of trauma to prioritize the unique needs of each child and to avoid re-traumatization in a highly challenging environment.

You will have the opportunity to connect with children and their families whilst facilitating a structured session in which they learn to embrace their childhood, express their emotions and learn how to interact with adults in a safe space.

Who would I be working with?

You will mainly work with residents in the camp. As an organization, occasionally you may work with local volunteers, IOM staff members and municipality workers.

Minimum Age

24 (on occasion we make exceptions for experienced volunteers who are 23 years old)


Volunteers currently either stay in a volunteer apartment, which is equipped with a kitchen and washing machine and costs €10 a night per person.

Once this is full volunteers stay at Dogma Rooms Kyllini (address: Kyllini 270 68, Facebook: Dogman Rooms) which is a short walk from the bus stop at Kyllini port. The cost is either €10 or €12.50 a night depending on whether you are sharing with 1 or 2/3 other people. Rooms are sometimes co-ed, so please mention beforehand if this is something you’re not comfortable with.

Minimum time

One month (on occasion we can make exceptions and accept volunteers for 2 weeks – please get in touch if you are only able to commit for less than a month).

Extra Costs

Transport is provided to and from the camp so extra costs will be for food, transport, accommodation and leisure only.