Open Cultural Center

The Open Cultural Center creates learning and cultural programs for refugees living in camps in Greece.

Where is it?

Polikastro, Greece

Nearest airport


What will I be doing?

You will provide non formal education and cultural activities for refugees living in Greece. You will deliver classes and create a safe space to continue learning with activities including art, sport and music as well as a variety of other workshops.

What impact would I have?

The current circumstances of many refugees in Greece is one of waiting- waiting for an undetermined period. You will be offering a stable, safe space for the community to connect, learn and relieve stress.

Who would I be working with?

Refugee children and adults living in Polikastro

Minimum Age

23+ years


Open Cultural Center have a house and ask for a donation from the volunteers to stay there

Minimum time

Minimum 3 weeks

Extra Costs

Normal living costs (food and spending money)