On Call Africa

On Call Africa work in rural Zambia in mobile clinics. They need Doctors to join their team. 

Where is it

Livingstone, Kazungula and Zimba in Zambia.

What will I be doing?

You’ll be working on mobile medical clinics providing health education workshops, community health worker training programmes and training and assessing local community health volunteers, both in their villages and during residential training weeks in Livingstone. Volunteers are needed to start in January 2020, April 2020 and September 2020.

What impact would I have?

In 2017, 11,000 people benefited directly from On Call Africa’s work. Your volunteering will help to improve access to healthcare in remote parts of rural southern Zambia by addressing immediate healthcare needs through volunteer doctors and mobile clinics; improving the general population’s approach and understanding of health through locally driven health education sessions (for both adults and children) and working towards a sustainable healthcare system, which at its core requires training of health workers and ensuring our overall approach is linked closely to the pre-existing healthcare systems so that these health workers are supported.

Who would I be working with?

Community health care workers, children and adult patients and their families.

Minimum Age

Completed at least FY2 training by the time you travel to Zambia.


Guest house in a shared compound in Livingstone: £50 contribution per week excluding meals. In villages volunteers camp in tents in schools, meals provided. No water or electricity for 12 days per month.

Minimum time

3 months minimum. Maximum 6 months.

Extra Costs

Meals when staying at the guesthouse Livingstone and on weekends: £20 (approx.) per week.
Registration with the Health Professionals Council of Zambia: £260