Kids Club Kampala

Kids Club Kampala work in slums and rural villages in Uganda. They need education, sport and music teachers and general volunteers.

Where is it

Rural villages in and surrounding Kampala, Uganda.

What will I be doing?

Volunteers will help by supporting the project to bring fun and games, football, music and dance to children living in the area. Volunteers will also help with teaching the children about keeping safe and run sanitation and hygiene programmes including waking with women from the communities to help them increase their incomes and get their families out of poverty.

What impact would I have?

Kids Club Kampala support 17 communities and reach over 4000 children and their families everyday. KCK are passionate about empowering these children and communities living in situations of extreme poverty, letting them know they are loved and are worth something, and helping them to overcome their situations of poverty by bringing sustainable changes.

Who would I be working with?

Children and families living in the rural areas around Kampala.

Minimum Age

16-17 if accompanied by an adult.


Kids Club Kampala has a volunteer guesthouse in the outskirts of Kampala where volunteers will stay. It is a self-contained house with electricity, running water, WiFi and security.

£35 per day which includes accommodation, 3 meals, WiFi and transport to and from projects.

£15 per day for accommodation and WiFi only.

Minimum time

1 week minimum, 1 month maximum

Extra Costs

Airport transfers