Hope Health Action – Haiti

Hope Health Action is a hospital in Haiti who need Medical staff, Health Care Professionals, Carers and general volunteers.

Where is it?

Cap-Haitien, Haiti

What will I be doing?

Hope and Health Action run one of the leading hospitals in North Haiti. They specialise in community health care, maternity, paediatric & neo-natal care, and rehabilitation services for adults and children.
Volunteers at Hope Health Action are primarily to educate and empower Haitian staff, rather than lead and run services. For instance medics would not necessarily be involved in daily consultations – but in identifying training needs,  giving workshops and giving effective practice guidance. If you do not have a skill there are a number of roles to be getting involved in!

What impact would I have?

Identifying improvement gaps in the service and providing work shops and training will improve staff clinical skills therefore improving patient’s health care. As an engineer and plumber improving sanitation, plumbing and construction will impact the hospital the patients and the community.

Who would I be working with?

You will be working with the hospital staff and patients of all ages.

Minimum Age



At the volunteer village
A night $35

1 month+ $150 a week

6 months+ $125 a week

This includes breakfast and dinner Mon – Sat. Sunday self- catering

Minimum time

1 week

Extra Costs

$10 entrance fee into Haiti
Lunch $3-5 (At the hospital cafeteria or you can take your own lunch)