Hestia Hellas

Hestia Hellas is a community centre providing psycho-social support in Athens, Greece.

Where is it?

Athens, Greece

Nearest Airport


About the project

Hestia Hellas focus on vulnerable persons who have fled war, persecution and experience economic hardship.  As one of the leading Family Organizations in Athens, they provide families with the support they need in order to grow, learn, and thrive in their new surroundings.

What will I be doing?

There are three areas Hestia Hellas needs volunteers:

  • Child-Friendly Space Volunteer – The children’s programme (ages 2-17 yrs old) focuses on programming that improves their emotional, developmental, social and educational skills.  The psycho-social support program offers a range of holistic classes, including sewing, self-defence, drawing, painting, gardening, etc. The aim is to lighten up the daily lives of those in need.
  • Livelihoods Volunteer  – Focusing on professional development, including computer basics, software development, and job coaching (CV, job search, interviews).

What impact would I have?

You’ll join a team of professionals in a safe and welcoming environment making a positive and long-term impact on hundreds of families.  Hestia is a home away from home for many, which is the ethos they encourage.

Who would I be working with?

Vulnerable children, adolescents and adults, including refugees, migrants and Greeks.  You would also work closely with your core team to plan and organize for your respective area.

Minimum Age

18 years


Hestia Hellas has limited spaces for long-term volunteers in shared housing.  Volunteers who can commit to 2+ months are encouraged to apply as early as possible to reserve a space.  The project can also provide you with resources and platforms where you can find affordable accommodation close to the office.

Minimum time

2 weeks

Extra Costs

No additional costs