Edna Adan University Hospital

Edna Adan University Hospital provides free medical healthcare and are looking for a range of medical volunteers to join their team to treat patients at the hospital and train the medical students in the university

Where is it?

Hargeisa, Somaliland

What will I be doing?

Edna University Hospital provides a range of roles for medical volunteers in multiple capacities. The cases and departments that you could support will depend on your medical background. The hospitals’ primary focus is maternal and infant health, roles in this department could vary from treating children with birth defects, physical disabilities and cleft lips and palates. Other work could involve Obstetrical, surgical, and paediatric cases. You could also be working to support education to those studying at the Edna Adan University Hospital in a variety of courses.

What impact would I have?

Ranked 13th among 50 best hospitals in Africa, Edna Adan University Hospital provides free healthcare for all 2361 admitted patients it has treated since opening in 2002. Following the war years the healthcare sector has been heavily affected, this means resources are now incredibly low. However, as a university hospital, you would have the opportunity to transfer your own skills to students in training. As a result, your impact has the potential to go beyond the patients you are treating and to the future medics who are working to rebuild the sector.

Who would I be working with?

Hospital staff, patients (children & adults) and students.


Minimum Age

20 yrs – Medical professionals & medical students.



$30 / night – private room, bathroom and washing facilities. All meals are included.

Minimum time

3 weeks


Extra Costs

VISA $40 – 80