Aid Brigade

Aid Brigade works in Sarajevo Bosnia, to provide refugees living on the streets and inside camps with food and the access to education and activities

Where is it?

Sarajevo, Bosnia

Nearest airport


What will I be doing?

You will work with refugees on the streets of Sarajevo as well as in the refugee camp based in Usivak. You will be helping with squat insulation and firewood distributions, you will also help to cook two meals a day in our kitchen and distribute in our community centre. Language classes and activities also take place in the community centre, which you may help to run and organise.

What impact would I have?

Hundreds of refugees are staying in and around Sarajevo, trying to reach the EU but stuck here for the winter. Camps are overcrowded and have slow application procedures, therefore the work on the streets is of vital importance to keep people warm and well fed during the cold winter months. Both in the camp and on the streets provision of education and activities helps to reduce stress and create opportunities for refugees to develop themselves.

Who would I be working with?

The volunteer team, adult & children refugees based in the region of Sarajevo

Minimum Age



Long term: (1 month plus) volunteer house 50-100 per month

Short term: volunteers are required to find their own accommodation.

Minimum time

2 weeks

Extra costs

No extra costs (food and spending money)