Hackney Heart

Help Refugees & Indigo Volunteers collaborate for this exciting event!





‘Refugee Crisis’ – two powerful words that stir a whirlwind of confusion, a feeling of being overwhelmed and a naivety about not in fact knowing the extent of what is going on. These words have dominated the news and been the focal point of countless conversations, and as a result, people want to be more involved in a topic that they cannot shake. If this is you, or conversely, you do not know much about the current situation and want to do something about it, then don’t miss Hackney Heart on Sunday 19th May.

At Indigo Volunteers, we are joining forces with Help Refugees to create a space filled with everything you need to know about the refugee crisis and how you can help, whether that be getting involved in a local project or volunteering internationally. Volunteering is one of the best uses of spare time and so taking a few minutes to do a collection or a longer commitment of several weeks on an oversees project really are both worthy contributions to a great cause.

Our close partners, Help Refugees, fund projects in 10 countries across Europe and the Middle East and have benefited over 600,000 people escaping war, violence or persecution. Our aim is to connect people with global humanitarian projects direct and fee free, and we currently have 50 projects focusing on the refugee route in Greece, Bosnia and Serbia where urgent help is most needed. By joining us, you are being placed in the most capable hands as we guide you on your volunteer journey.

On the day, you will have the opportunity to pose your questions to the charity staff who will be happy to discuss current projects, locations, costs of volunteering and even meeting other volunteers along the way! One of best parts of volunteering is entering a community of likeminded people and realising just how much change can be made when there is a common goal. There will also be ethical gifts, music, workshops, panels and delicious food – so don’t miss out!

This friendly space will also give you the chance to engage in a wide range of information about the situation faced by refugees in the UK and around the world, exploring topics often not covered in the mainstream media. If you’ve ever been curious about volunteering or simply want an open and honest conversation about the current refugee crisis then come on down and meet the teams working hard to make this happen and keep the conversation going.

There are volunteering opportunities available for all skill levels and a wide variety of timeframes, all it takes is an ordinary individual like yourself to do something extraordinary by taking the next steps and registering to the Hackney Heart event.  We look forward to seeing you there!


Date: Sunday 19th May

Address: Stour Space, 7 Roach Rd, Fish Island, London E3 2PA

Hours: 12pm – 8pm

Register to attend for free here: bit.ly/hackneyheart